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Chasity Nieto is a experienced Medical Aesthetician and Body Sugaring expert. She has specialized in body sugaring for over 12 years, and was the Lead Aesthetician under the Supervision of Dr. Lawton for over 8 years. She offers specialized services to help clients achieve healthy, beautiful skin. As a professional she works continuously to update her education and training in the field of Esthetics. 

Dare to go bare


What is Body Sugaring ?

Body sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a sugar paste. It is 100% natural and organic. Sugar is a natural exfoliant and beneficial to the skin. The sugar paste melts into the hair follicle and we remove it in the direction of the hair growth.You will notice the difference your very first time. Sugar is a more gentle and safe alternative in hair removal. It is a great option for anyone, especially those with sensitive skin.

What you need to know Before and After



•1/8 inch of hair growth is needed, but not more than a 1/4th

•Gently exfoliate the area two days before

•Do not apply any  lotions, creams or deodorants to any area being sugared that day


•Avoid sweating, tight fitting clothes and perfume soaps 12- 24 hrs

•The day after apply a thin layer of ingrown treatment  after shower to help prevent ingrown hair

•Exfoliate  This will be make a HUGE difference if you are prone to ingrown hair

•Hydrate every day

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